Award in Education and Training (PTLLS replacement) ~ £250

Would you like to teach your own courses? Learn in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. You don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to complete the course, and this qualification will cover you for any subject you wish to teach.

What is Award in Education and Training?

The Award is an introduction to teaching and can be regarded as a stepping stone for those wishing to continue at a later date to a full teaching qualification.  It has replaced the PTLLS course (preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector), and is the only progression route.  Whilst the PTLLS is available at level 3 or 4, depending on your ability, the award will only be at level 3. The content of the courses are similar and the Award will be equivalent to both level 3 and 4 PTLLS.  We are offering this AET course at the extremely competitive price of £250 - other schools are charging upwards of £350.

Why choose this course? 
  • No set classes to attend
  • No traffic or parking problems
  • Learn from home at your pace
  • Small groups of up to 6 with dedicated tutor support
  • Micro teach sessions in classroom on final day or via Skype
  • At least 4 groups per month
  • Just £250 for a quality course
  • Ideal for anybody who is or aspires to be a teacher or trainer
This course covers the key principles and practice of teaching, learning and assessment. This qualification satisfies the government requirement for teachers, tutors and trainers to hold a certificate in teaching in the lifelong learning sector, and is suitable for potential teachers or trainers that want to teach or train in a private education setting. This could be within your company or organisation, or where the training you provide (or plan to provide) is not funded by the Government – such as schools, F.E colleges, sixth forms and universities.

What are the benefits of taking the Award online?

There are a number of benefits by completing the  course online, during the week you can work through the course at times suited to you, meaning that you can still maintain other commitments.

What will I do during the course?

During the course, you are required to read the course notes, participate in the discussion forums and complete the assignments. You will create a 15 minute lesson plan to be delivered in person in Milton Keynes or by Skype, afterwards you will evaluate another microteach, reflect on your own lesson and summarise what you have learnt over the week.

How long is the course?

You have 1 week to complete the course, the micro teach is then carried out on the final day.

When can I study?

Available course dates

What is a microteach?

The microteach is a 15 minute lesson, it does not need to be in the sector you are going to teach.

Examples of micro teach:
  • Wine making
  • Offside rule