Stillroom Skills Workshops ~ £175 per person | £325 for a group of up to 4

The stillroom was an important part of the traditional country home, and was a working room that functioned as part infirmary and part kitchen. The ladies of the house and their maids produced soap, candles, shampoos, home-cleaning products, cosmetics, jams, jellies, preserves, home-brewed drinks, salves and ointments.

They used the flowers, fruit and herbs grown in their own garden along with ingredients from the professional herbalist or apothecary shop to produce what was needed to feed and heal their families and keep their homes and furnishings bright and fresh.

Sarah, the tutor, has drawn on her own training in aromatherapy, herbalism and product-making to revisit the skills of the stillroom and teach them to students today in her cottage in Haworth. The course is a wonderful way of reconnecting with nature in a rural location and learning how to use natural ingredients to make cosmetics, home care products and remedies to help maintain well being.

There is great satisfaction in making a flower-perfumed salve to keep your skin or lips smooth, producing an aromatic massage candle as a birthday gift or wrapping your own handmade soap to store and use during the year ahead.

You will learn about herbs which were once used every day in cooking, preserving and making remedies, and find out about infusions, tinctures and flower remedies produced from them. You will explore the aromas and properties of some essential oils which are perfect for making stillroom products, and learn how to make your own blends for wellbeing and enjoyment.

Most importantly, you will make several different products and you will take home the treats you have made along with full notes on the essential oils and herbs, the extra ingredients you have used, instructions on the methods and recipes used to make the products.

When you get home, you will be able to make products for your own enjoyment and for creative gifting after the Stillroom Skills day. All you need is space in your kitchen, and glass and stainless steel equipment to mix, blend and warm your ingredients.

The Stillroom Skills workshops are not intended as training to enable you to make products to sell to the public – they are purely hobby courses.

If you want to learn more, then we offer a full Aromatherapy Massage course which includes Anatomy & Physiology, Professional Standards, Aromatherapy Theory (including blending) and full Body Massage. This is insurable for professional practice and accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapists/Beauty Guild.



Doctrine of Signatures

Herbs in facial treatments – cosmetics, soap, anti-ageing, acne, ailments, etc

Herbs in food and drink – herbal teas to soothe, for minor ailments etc, to aid digestion

Herbal tinctures – use for wellbeing, add to cosmetics and creams

Herbal oils - use in massage, add to products

Making simple creams, lotions, soap and cosmetics

Growing herbs, buying herbs, foraging herbs

Drying herbs


Learn about the properties of some essential oils for stillroom products

Enjoy blending the essential oils to create your own fragrances

Learn about how essential oils can promote well being and health

Find out how to use essential oils in the home

Enjoy using essential oils to make stillroom products


Short history (Dr Bach and later makers of flower remedies)

How flower remedies are produced

Flower remedies and the Doctrine of Signatures

Using flower remedies in stillroom products


We will make a minimum of three stillroom products using herbs, essential oils and flower remedies. We will package and present the items attractively to take home for your own enjoyment or as gifts.

When you book your Stillroom Day you will choose from the following options:

  1. Making candles, melts and massage bars
  2. Making soap, shampoo and hand wash products
  3. Making balms, creams and facial cleansers
  4. Making Scrubs, masks and skin tonics

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A STILLROOM SKILLS WORKSHOP, then please email us to arrange your date. Come alone, or with a group of up to three friends