1-Day Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists and Reflexologists ~ £195

This course is for students who have already completed a full Body Massage or Reflexology course at Level 3 or 4 which included Anatomy and Physiology.

You may have completed a college diploma such as Holistic Massage, Ayurveda Massage, Aromatherapy with Pre-Blended Oils or Foot Reflexology

What you will learn

Many therapists would love to use aromatherapy in their massage or reflexology treatments but their original training did not include aromatherapy. This course will enable you to choose and blend your own carrier and essential oils, to add essential oils to base balms, creams, lotions etc., and to use pre-blended essential oils if you wish to do so.

You will be able to use essential oils with confidence and understanding. You will know their properties and be able to select suitable essential oils to help your clients and meet their personal needs.

Course content

Hygiene, health and safety

Relevant anatomy and physiology

Products and equipment required

Consultation procedures

Contraindications to treatment

Benefits of aromatherapy in massage and reflexology treatments

History of aromatherapy

Characteristics and uses of carrier and essential oils

Blending carrier and essential oils to suit client needs

Using essential oils with base products to suit client needs

Client aftercare

Test of knowledge

Blending test

Practical assessment

For the Practical Assessment you will carry out a full treatment including a consultation. You will use massage or reflexology or a combination of the two using carrier oils or other appropriate products and your essential oils blend.

The Test of Knowledge will include short questions on the information in your manual.

Duration: One day practical and home study

Entry requirements: Previous full Body Massage or Reflexology training including A&P at Level 3 or 4

Accreditation: Westminster Indemnity