1-Day Paraffin Wax Manicure Diploma Course

1-Day Paraffin Wax Manicure Diploma Course ~ £150

paraffin wax manicure training course

This course is for students who have learned manicure and are ready to move on and learn more advanced and luxurious techniques such as French polish, nail art and luxury elements such as paraffin wax and warmed oil treatments. We will be using a selection of different brands of hand care products and nail polish including water-based nail colours and the new gel polishes which cure in natural daylight. This allows you to offer a long lasting, chip-free manicure without using a lamp.

The course is not brand specific, and so you will be able to use any manufacturer’s products on completion of your training – a big advantage, as it means you can shop around and introduce new products to your range.

Manicure is booming, with nail bars opening on every High Street and the big shops joining in. This is a huge market with room for everyone, and therapists who can offer more than a basic file and polish are well placed to take advantage of the growth in the nail industry. Our course will give you the skills you need to compete and succeed as a therapist, and you will spend time working on developing your own bespoke treatments and menu to offer to your clients when you get home.

The course materials will guide you to suppliers of the products used on the course, and how to buy them. We will also talk about how to price your treatments and market them effectively.

The course includes:

Choosing the right nail shape and choosing colour

Paraffin Wax treatments

Warmed oil treatments and therapeutic masks using heated mitts

Next Generation polishes - daylight gel polish (no need for a lamp)

Nail Art – lots of techniques using nail polish, glitter, specialist top coats, jewels and just your own imagination.

French Manicure using both conventional nail polish and the new gel polish products

This course is an excellent follow-on from our Spa Hand Therapy Diploma, Gel Polish Manicure and our half-day basic Manicure Diploma courses. The course is offered by our Sussex tutor and her returning students always get a 10% discount!

Venue: Haworth