1-Day Beautiful Back Diploma Course: Neck & Shoulder Massage with Back Facial

neck and shoulder massage training course

1-Day Beautiful Back Diploma Course: Neck & Shoulder Massage with Back Facial ~ £175

This course combines two skills –a perfect, relaxing massage of the back, neck and shoulders with beautiful oils or cream AND a treatment to help the condition of the skin in these areas. Many clients have issues with blemishes, dry skin or skin which has suffered from overexposure to the sun and the ‘back facial’ is proving a popular option with both men and women clients.

The first stage of the treatment is a scrub to thoroughly cleanse the back, followed by a mask to help improve circulation and the texture of the skin. Finally, an appropriate mix of natural oils or a luxurious massage cream is used to carry out a holistic massage of the back, neck and shoulder areas.

We will use a variety of different products and oils during the course and you will learn about their different properties and uses. You will learn how to mix your own carrier oil blends, scrubs and masks as well as how to select and use suitable products from trade sources. There are lots of options for adding your own signature to this treatment, from producing bespoke handmade scrubs and masks to using luxurious organic products from exclusive suppliers. The course offers you the opportunity to learn new techniques and combine them into a therapy that will suit your clients perfectly!

This is a couch-based massage therapy although you could also use a futon or yoga mat on the floor. The clothing does need to be removed from the upper body and the client should be draped appropriately.

You do not need Anatomy & Physiology to do this course as all the relevant anatomy and physiology is included. Assessment of your practical skills will be continuous throughout the day, with emphasis on your final treatment. There will also be a short written test.

Venue: Haworth

Accreditation and Insurance: Westminster Insurance