Trusted Touch® Online Diploma Course

Trusted Touch® Online Diploma Course ~ £45

Trusted Touch® provides compassionate, consensual, therapeutic touch to those who are lonely, touch-deprived, disabled, elderly, medically fragile or at the end of life. Trusted Touch® is a profound experience and a tremendous gift - to both the client and practitioner.

Whether you are an experienced therapist, a student, an interested health professional, a prospective client or are completely new to Trusted Touch®, we warmly welcome you. Our mission is to promote Trusted Touch® as a valuable holistic therapy modality, to clarify what it is - and, as importantly, what it isn't - and to educate by demonstrating that touch is vital to our health and well-being in an increasingly disconnected and medically-ailing society. Trusted Touch® has its roots in what, in the USA, is popularly called Cuddle Therapy. Refined and developed as Trusted Touch®, it involves the provision of platonic touch to adults, and is informed by consent and boundaries. By acknowledging and observing these in a consistent and positive way we create a safe space for our client in which touch, tenderness and vulnerability can be safely manifested.

The Trusted Touch® training programme is designed to teach the skills needed to be a loving presence to someone who needs touch. Participants learn a mindful, compassionate approach to providing consensual, caring touch, whatever the circumstances. Our training is ideal for certified massage therapists, body workers, medically licensed healthcare professionals, chaplains, caregivers and family members, preparing them to provide therapeutic touch in an ethical and responsible way.

Do you feel called to become a Trusted Touch® practitioner? Our members are tactile, warm, empathic, understanding and non-judgmental. They may be male or female. No previous experience is required, although many Trusted Touch® practitioners have backgrounds in holistic therapy and the caring and health professions. Sessions with clients consist of holding space and consensual platonic touch within pre-agreed boundaries. This can include hand holding, hair stroking, massage, holding, talking, listening - and sometimes no touch at all.

The Trusted Touch® Online Diploma Course consists of 20 modules with actions, assignments and interactive quizzes, and is approved by ThinkTree for 2 CPD points.


Trusted Touch® Philosophy

The Science of Touch

Touch Through Life

Touch Types and Culture

Touch and Healing

Touch and Technology

Men and Touch Isolation

Trusted Touch® Protocols

Trusted Touch® as Therapy

Holding a Space for Your Client

Boundaries and Consent

Transference and Triggers

Communication Skills

Using Attentive Touch

Working with the Medically Fragile and Terminally Ill

Working with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Working Around Wheelchairs and Beds

Your Professional Environment

Personal Safety and Security

Client Contract, Waiver and Consent Forms

Professional Insurance

Business Basics

Marketing and Promotion

trusted touch therapy online diploma course

The Trusted Touch Online Diploma Course is approved for 2 CPD points by ThinkTree.

Requirements: An interest in holistic therapy and the power of touch

Duration: Online in your own time

Certificate of Attainment

CPD Points: 2

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