Holistic Therapy Diploma Courses

holistic therapy training courses

At London Therapists we offer fully accredited and insurable holistic massage diploma courses and holistic therapy diploma courses in London and all over the UK. The term holistic therapy is a term that covers an incredibly wide range of treatments, massages and therapies.

Holistic therapy in essence, shares a basic philosophy of treating the mind, body and spirit as one entity as opposed to just concentrating on specific parts of your physical being as is generally practiced in traditional Western medicine. With holistic therapy, sometimes know as complementary or holistic medicine, there is an emphasis on using natural methods to restore the body's balance and improving overall well being. Rather than pump people full of chemicals, holistic therapists aim to use what exists in nature to help you build up your defence systems and your own ability to self heal.

Our holistic therapy courses are ideal for beginners and experienced therapists alike.

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