1-Day UV Gel Nail Extensions Course

1-Day UV Gel Nail Extensions Course ~ £175

uv gel nail extensions training course

UV Gel Nail Extensions (sometimes called hard gel) produce super shiny, flexible strong nails. They are kinder to the nail than acrylics and are safe for pregnant clients and people who hate strong smells or allergy issues.The extensions will help clients with brittle, chipped nails, nail biters and people who want a glamorous set of nails for a special occasion. Many people have jobs that they have to have short nails, but come their wedding day, they want beautiful long, shiny nails.

This is an excellent treatment for the beauty therapist to offer alongside classic manicure and pedicure and UV Gel Polish. The nails need regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks and this is an opportunity to keep clients coming into the salon or making mobile appointments. It is also a good chance to start retailing aftercare products such as cuticle oil and hand cream as the products used to achieve the nail extensions can dry the cuticles and skin.

A UV Gel Nail Extensions treatment can be finished with filing and buffing, conventional nail polish or gel nail polish. Nail art is an exciting option to offer clients too!

This course turns you into a nail tech – market the UV Gel Nail Extensions to existing clients but enter a whole new world with new client groups to appeal to!

Course Content

What are UV Gel Nail Extensions?

Anatomy and Physiology of the Nails

You and Your Working Environment

The Client Consultation

Contraindications & Contra-actions to UV Gel Nail Extensions

Benefits of UV Gel Nail Extensions

Products, tools and equipment used in a UV Gel Nail Extension Treatment

Choosing and Preparing the Nail Tips

Preparing and Applying UV Gel Extensions with Tips

Finishing the nail – filing and buffing, nail polish, simple nail art

Maintenance of the UV Gel Extensions

Repairing Damaged Nail Extensions

Aftercare Advice for Clients

Marketing your Services, Pricing your Treatments, Selling Aftercare Products

Suggestions for Product Suppliers

You will need to bring a model along to the course as we work first on a model hand and then on a real person!If you are new to nails, take our Manicure and Pedicure, Spa Hand or UV Gel Polish Course before you come along for your extensions training.

Duration: One Day

Accreditation and Insurance: Westminster Insurance

Entry Requirements: Manicure or Gel Manicure training

Venue: Haworth