1-Day Himalayan Salt Stone and Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

1-Day Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy Diploma Course ~ £225

Our full body Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy course is an exciting new treatment which combines the benefits of heated stones with the unique qualities of Himalayan salt. The warm Himalayan Salt Stones deeply relax the client and help balance the central nervous system. They are hand carved salt crystals from one of the most pristine environments in the world – salt caves deep below the Himalayan Mountains.

The massage treatment combines Ayurvedic massage techniques, thermal therapy, salt therapy, marma point pressure work and the healing qualities of crystals and gemstones. The salt stones and hot rocks are warmed dry and are used to massage the client, and to lay on strategic points and in specific combinations to balance the body's energy pathways and electromagnetic field. This results in very deep relaxation and may improve sleep and reduce inflammation in addition to mild detoxification and exfoliation. The crystals are used in layouts to provide a layer of subtle and spiritual healing to the client. The heat from the hot stones penetrates to a deeper level than we can achieve with manual massage, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body's internal energy flow (prana) – this brings about rebalance to the whole person.

The Himalayan Salt stones can also be chilled and used cold, and this brings a different range of benefits. Cold stones are excellent to ease decongestion e.g. deep tissue inflammation or sinus problems. They assist the reduction of erythema (redness) and soothe irritation which may occur to sensitive skins during a hot stone treatment. They are delicious on a hot day, and one or two stones used at the end of a treatment will help a client come gently back to themselves.

The crystals each have their own special qualities – Crystal Therapy is a speciality in its own right, and on this course we will look at how you can use a set of chakra stones and crystals to bring balance and add an extra layer of subtle healing to a massage session. Massage is a perfect way to nurture our bodies and ourselves. Incorporating stones and crystals into a treatment enhances the power of this contact.

The course includes:

Consultation and Client Recordkeeping

Equipment required for the treatment

Preparing to give the treatment – arranging your couch, stones, heater, crystals etc

Selecting, clearing and using crystals and gemstones

Properties of crystals and gemstones

Layouts for crystals and gemstones

Advice on insurance, marketing and sourcing supplies

Health and Safety

Benefits and contraindications

History and Background of Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy

Introduction to Ayurveda and energetic healing

Ayurvedic techniques used in Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy

Full Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy routine for use with clients

Adapting Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy to suit your clients

Carrier oils used in the treatment and their properties

Using the Vulsini Hot Stone Heating Bag and other methods for heating and cooling the Himalayan Salt Stones

Use of all oils, towels and other equipment on the course day

PLEASE NOTE – Students must have an Anatomy & Physiology qualification and a knowledge of Holistic or Swedish Massage before attending this course. We can offer online and short courses to help you fulfil this requirement – please ask for details.

Venue: Haworth