1-Day Maternity Reflexology Diploma Course

1-Day Maternity Reflexology Diploma Course ~ £225

maternity reflexology training course

The aim of this course is to show reflexologists how to support clients through conception and pregnancy. We will also look at techniques to help clients who are having conception difficulties or infertility and those who have suffered pregnancy loss.

In order to do the course you will need to have completed a reflexology course at NOS level 3 or above. Our own Reflexology Diploma is suitable, and so are the qualifications at this level offered by other providers of reflexology training.

We will cover

Changes in the mother’s body in each of the three trimesters

Reflexology techniques for use through the pregnancy

Common health issues which may occur during pregnancy, and reflexology techniques to support the client

Possible causes and issues in infertility and reflexology techniques to help the couple

Miscarriage – reflexology techniques to support the couple

Lifestyle advice, dealing with stress and anxiety, eating well, releasing unhelpful habits to ensure a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth

Self-help techniques for the pregnant woman

Reflexology balms, lotions and massage cream along with advice on using essential oils in pregnancy (they are found in many mum and baby products)

Carrying out a consultation with a pregnant client

Follow up records for the pregnant client

Students will carry out complete treatments for the pregnant client, based on the consultation form information (role play)

Aftercare for the pregnant client

Assessment is by short written test and an observed full reflexology treatment.

Duration: One Day

Entry Requirements: Level 3 Reflexology

Insurance: Westminster Insurance, or add to your own

Venue: Haworth