2-Day Thai Foot & Hand Reflexology Diploma Course

2-Day Thai Foot & Hand Reflexology Diploma Course ~ £250

thai foot and hand reflexology training course

Our 2-day Thai Foot and Hand Reflexology Diploma course involves an hour-long massage using a traditional stick and wraps, opening and closing rituals, the use of oils and a pedicure/pampering routine. Knowledge of massage in Thailand has been handed down by word of mouth across the generations, from father to son, from mother to daughter and from teacher to pupil. It is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand.

All parts of the lower legs, feet and hands are included and it involves hands-on stretching, massage, stimulating reflex points and follows the Thai energy lines (Sen). It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga incorporated into the massage itself and is said to stimulate the activity of internal organs. Thai foot massage is thus hugely beneficial for optimum internal health, and this type of drugless therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally restoring homeostasis.

Course Content

Anatomy and Physiology

Health & Safety

Keeping massage oils safely

Keeping client records

Pre-treatment hygiene

Safety during treatment

Clearing up and cleaning

History and background

Sen lines

Reflex points


Contraindications and cautions

One-hour client routine

Energy work, including opening and closing rituals


Equipment required, including massage stick, creams and oils

Pedicure/pampering routine, including foot soak, scrub and moisturising.

A specialist range of Thai spa products is used during the course.


A full routine lasting approximately one hour will be taught and practised in class.


Theory questionnaire to cover relevant anatomy & physiology, sen lines and reflex points as well as general questions on the background and history of Thai Foot Massage (15 questions in total)

The tutor will observe a full massage in progress to include foot care routine, stick work and working through wraps, a client consultation and completion of a medical questionnaire.

Duration: Two Days

Entry Requirements: None

Accreditation: CMA and Beauty Guild

Venue: Haworth

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