Personal Development Courses and Workshops

personal development courses and workshops

Personal Development Courses and Workshops - Haworth Venue Only

Indian Head Massage Half-Day Workshop - £70 or £120 for two

Indian Head Massage involves working on the head, neck, and shoulders. It is one of the most popular treatments around and simply melts away stress, headaches and worry bringing total relaxation and well-being! This course is for use with friends and family only - learn to share this wonderful therapy with your loved ones, or take the half-day workshop as a taster course and book our Indian Head Massage Diploma if you decide it is for you! You will learn a 30-minute massage routine, to use with or without traditional oils. Come alone, or with a friend or your partner! If you enjoy your workshop and want to learn about Indian Head Massage in depth, then come along to our two-day Advanced Indian Head Massage course which is insurable for professional practice.

The course includes:

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Safety Considerations

Carrier oils and their benefits

Traditional Ayurvedic oils

Where to buy oils

Indian Head Massage 30-minute routine

Complete set of notes to guide you at home

Reflexology for Children - £90 (or £150 for both parents)

This is a one-day course to teach parents how to share reflexology with their children. It gives you the opportunity to share a relaxing foot massage and work on the reflex points whilst you enjoy a story or song. This is a course for use with friends and family, and we hope that it will encourage more people to use reflexology for fun and relaxation.

You will learn:

Benefits of reflexology for children

Safety considerations

How to introduce reflexology as a family

Storytelling and songs to go with reflexology

Reflex chart

Making the reflexes into characters your children will identify with

Short reflex treatments to share

Introduction to Reflexology - £70 or £120 for two

This is a one-day course which will show you the basics of a foot massage and reflexology treatment to use on yourself, your partner, your friends and family. It is not a professional course, although it would be a good taster for anyone thinking about learning reflexology in more depth. We want to encourage more people to use reflexology to promote health and well-being. Come alone, with your partner or with a friend!

You will learn:

What is reflexology? The fascinating story

Benefits of reflexology

Safety considerations

Couch or chair? How to deliver a reflexology treatment

Balms, lotions, creams, powder - products you can use to help

Where to get equipment and supplies

Reflex map of the feet

30-minute treatment of the major reflexes

Foot massage techniques to warm up and cool down

Introduction to Aromatherapy - £70 or £120 for two

This is a one-day course to explore the use of aromatherapy at home and with your friends and family. The aim is to introduce you to a useful set of oils which are widely available and show you how to use them effectively and safely in everyday ways. You will learn how to use both carrier and essential oils and what their special qualities are. We will do some blending and also look at ready-blended oils, balms and other cosmetics which are aromatherapy based. We will work with base lotions and creams and look at how to customise them to make your own products to suit your skin and personal needs to use at home. You will also learn how to give a back massage for friends and family - this is a really popular part of the course!

If you enjoy the course and want to learn more, then we offer a three-day professional Aromatherapy Massage course which includes Anatomy & Physiology to NOS level 3.

You will Learn

Carrier Oils

Learn the 14 Basic Essential Oils

Principles of Making a Blend

Using the blend in diffusers and burners, room sprays, pot pourri etc

Practical - adding your blend to base products to make your own custom cosmetics

Making a room spray

Giving a back massage

Reiki 1 - Day or Evening Classes

Reiki is a wonderful way to give loving touch to friends and family! Reiki 1 is a complete course in its own right and some students never decide to go any further. If you enjoy having Reiki and find it of benefit then you will learn how to give yourself treatments (although you may also want to carry on having treatments from a practitioner). You will learn how to give treatments to others too. We offer Reiki 1 as a two-day course or as evening classes.

Learn to Meditate - Half day course £70

The half-day starts with some gentle movements to help us stretch out and get rid of any niggles before we explore how to get comfortable for meditation ready to settle into the practice. We practise two breathing techniques used in yoga to calm and settle the breath and bring our focus inwards, and then enjoy the feeling of being completely relaxed as we breathe to our own natural rhythm. Different ways of focusing the mind for meditation follow, including:


Chakra balancing techniques



The use of a mandala.

The use of mudra to direct our energies.

The course ends with deep relaxation, lying down comfortably and allowing ourselves to let go completely and absorb the benefits that the meditation has brought. You need this time, as meditating is working hard on yourself.

If you enjoy the workshop, then come along to the tutor's regular yoga classes - Sarah includes breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation in every lesson.