1-Day Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage Diploma

1-Day Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage Diploma ~ £630 (inc 1-day Intensive Body Massage Diploma and online A & P and PST courses) OR £195 with existing Body Massage (inc A & P) qualification

thai hot herbal compress massage training course

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage is part of the ancient traditions of Thai Massage. It combines massage with oils, herbs and heat to produce a deeply relaxing treatment which improves energy flow and brings about a sense of wellbeing. The Thai compresses are actually donuts of Thai herbs wrapped in cotton, and tied ingeniously to form a handle to help the massage therapist apply appropriate pressure. They are soaked in water, then heated in a special steamer to a comfortable temperature for massage. Thai massage is part of the ayurvedic tradition, and the massage techniques used help remove blockages in the flow of lom or vital energy to restore the natural balance of the person in mind, body and spirit.

Thai healing uses the ayurvedic ideas of the doshas or types, and recognises that we are all a unique combination of the tridoshas, the three types. The oils for your massage are chosen to suit your type, and are an important element in the treatment. The herbs are a combination selected and made into the donuts by expert Thai herbalists. The treatment works on a physical level to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the them.

Thai Hot Herbal Massage is an excellent treatment for sportspeople or gardeners with stiff, sore muscles. It is relaxing and so is a good way of helping stress or anxiety, and can bring relief for people with general aches and pains. The herbs in the compress are carefully chosen to help relax and soothe tiredness and tension, in the Thai traditions of herbal massage.

The oils and herbs used in the massage will help desquamate and remove old, dead skin cells, nourishing the skin and helping its condition.

Our Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage Diploma is suitable for therapists who already have Anatomy & Physiology and Body or Holistic or Swedish Massage training. You may also take the course if you have completed our Ayurveda Indian Body Massage Diploma course.

If you need to do a massage course, then we offer a package which includes A & P and Professional Standards modules online, with one day of intensive Body Massage training in addition to the Thai Hot Herbal Massage course.

Donuts are available for students to use on the day, and you will be told where to buy supplies.

Duration: 1 day with existing body massage qualification OR 1 day and 2-course online study without

Insurance: Through Westminster Insurance, or add to your own insurance cover

Entry requirements: Body Massage (inc A & P) qualification OR choose our all-inclusive package

Venue: Haworth