1-Day Moroccan Style Candle Massage Diploma Course

1-Day Moroccan Candle Massage Diploma Course - £225

moroccan candle massage training course

What is Candle Massage? This is a relaxing, pampering body massage treatment carried out using massage candles made from soybean oil blended with essential oils and other moisturising ingredients such as coconut and shea butter. Soybean oil is a natural moisturising agent, and massage candles are a different product from regular ones which are normally made with paraffin wax. Massage candles are formulated for use on the body, and melt at a pleasantly warm, safe 102F. This treatment is a real touch of luxury, using beautiful natural products – bring spa techniques into your own salon or practice.

What is the Moroccan element?

The treatment begins with a traditional Moroccan gommage ritual using savon beldi and a traditional scrubbing glove. The savon beldi is removed with a soft towelling mitt and warm water. This part of the treatment introduces a real spa element, stimulating circulation and drainage to help reduce cellulite and aiding desquamation (removal of old, dead skin) to bring a real glow to the body.

The massage routine uses some characteristic North African massage movements along with more familiar holistic massage techniques. The candles themselves will have a North African flavour, and use oils and butters which are traditional for massage and beauty care in the region.

You make candles to take home

This course brings you extra – you get to make and take home your own massage candle so you can get practising as soon as you get back. You will learn how to melt the ingredients, add your own choice of fragrance and produce a container massage candle complete with its own wick. This is an art in its own right, and gives you the possibility of introducing your own handmade products to your practice. Massage candles can also be purchased from a number of suppliers, along with the savon beldi and gloves.

This course is ideal for therapists who have trained in Holistic or Swedish massage

Add a premium treatment for which you can charge extra

Learn about product making

Refresh your massage skills at the same time as adding an extra skill

Aromatherapists, this enables you to add another string to your bow

Duration: One Day

Requirements: Prior A & P (either our 2-day Holistic or our 1-day Body Massage courses are suitable).

Insurance: Westminster Insurance

Venue: Haworth