1-Day Chinese Foot and Hand Massage Diploma Course

1-Day Chinese Foot and Hand Massage Diploma Course ~ £175

chinese foot and hand massage training course

Chinese Hand and Foot Massage is a one-day course for students interested in foot and hand massage and in Chinese medicine. It will be of interest to beauty therapists who do manicure and pedicure, massage therapists who want to spend more time on feet and hands and reflexologists who would like to explore the Chinese connections of western reflexology.

By the end of the course the student will have a clear understanding of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students will learn how to give a hand and foot massage based on the Chinese meridians and tsubo points.

Course Content

Traditional Chinese Medicine definition of health as harmony in energy flow

Yin-yang balance and flow

Essential Substances, Five Elements and the Life Cycle

Organs as defined in TCM

Meridians – 12 major meridians with a focus on the foot and hand meridians and the 24 hour cycle of meridians

Qi points on hands, relation of elements to fingers, emotional connections with fingers, and wrapping fingers to guide emotions

TCM ideas about diet, climate, environment, etc – can these help our clients?

Relating client symptoms, reflex reactions, foot reading to meridian and organ theory

Chinese Hand and Foot Massage Practical

This is an exclusive course to students of Yorkshire Massage and Beauty Courses and London Therapists. It is offered in Haworth, West Yorkshire and in Spain.

Duration: One day

Entry Requirements: Interest in holistic massage therapy

Accreditation: The course is insurable for practice with Westminster Insurance.