Reiki 1/2/Master Level/Crystal Courses and Developmental Workshops

reiki 1 training courses haworth

These courses run at our Haworth, West Yorkshire venue.

Our tutor also offers mobile tuition in your home or other venue. Please email us for details.

1-Day Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) ~ £150

Anyone can learn Reiki as it takes no special gifts, just training and attunement. We have taught Reiki to people of all backgrounds, and both men and women are welcome on all our courses.

Reiki 1 is an introductory course and on completion of your training you will be able to treat yourself, friends and family. Reiki 1 (Shoden) explores what Reiki is and how to treat yourself and others. Some students learn just this level of Reiki and find it a blessing in their daily lives as well as a good way to help their families and loved ones.

During the Reiki 1 course we look at the background and history of Reiki and focus on the Japanese and Buddhist roots of this beautiful practice. You will learn lots of fascinating facts about the life of Dr Usui, the founder, and about Buddhist and Japanese meditation, mindfulness and healing. You will hear the wonderful story about how Reiki made the journey from Japan to western countries and how Reiki has grown in its homeland.

You will learn how to work on your own healing needs. The Reiki standard hand positions are demonstrated and we practise together until you are confident with them. We explore methods of connecting to Reiki, and you will learn techniques such as hatsurei ho, gassho, the 'Reiki shower' and much more. During the course you will receive several Reiki empowerments and attunements and will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings.

When you are ready, we start working with each other. You will learn to focus on your intuition and feel the movement of energy (Byosen) which tells you where and how to place your hands. There is time for discussion and reflection. We take the time to meditate and explore our own experiences with Reiki.

The course is accredited, although you will need to take Reiki 2 Okuden in order to practise Reiki on the public. The first level is suitable for working on your own healing and spiritual development, and on your friends and family.

Course Content


Reiki History and background

Reiki Principles

Reiki Attunements

Reiju Empowerments

Details of Reiki Lineages

Hatsurei Ho Routine

Self-healing meditation

Hayashi self-healing positions

Treating others

Standard Reiki hand positions

Byosen and intuitive healing

Chakra Meditation

Duration: One Day

Entry Requirements: None

1-Day Reiki 2 (Okuden) ~ £180

Reiki 2 (Okuden) is the Reiki Practitioner level, and at the end of the course you will be confident in the use of the Reiki Symbols and the different levels of ki that they represent - physical/earthly, mental/emotional/heavenly and energetic connections. You will complete the course with a much deeper understanding of Reiki, confident in your own intuition and able to offer healing sessions to others. During the Reiki 2 course you will receive several empowerments (reiju) and attunements at level 2/Okuden, and there will be time to share your experiences and feelings about Reiki.

Topics covered on the course will include:

Background to Japanese medicine theory (meridians, tsubos, the different levels of ki and their functions in the person and nature, the five elements, and the 24-hour cycle of ki through the meridians)

Revision of the standard hand positions

Revision of techniques such as hatsurei ho

Meditation and mindful techniques and practice

Delivering Reiki intuitively using byosen (sensing the movement of energy)

Distance healing techniques for others and healing the distant self (e.g. past life issues you wish to resolve or moving forward in a difficult situation)

Visualisation and meditation

Making a crystal grid and using it

Japanese Reiki techniques e.g. Ketsueki Kokan

Throughout the course the emphasis is on developing your sensitivity to the energies of the symbols and developing your skills in balancing the energy flow and achieving optimum health for yourself and others. You will receive your certificate on the day, ready to insure as a practitioner of Reiki directly through us. You can do either online straight after the course.

Duration: One Day

Entry Requirements: Reiki 1

2-Day Reiki Master/Teacher Level 3 (Shinpiden) ~ £695 including the Award in Education and Training | £500 if you are already a qualified teacher

The Reiki 3 Master/Teacher level is a two-day course and we require all our Reiki Master/Teacher students to gain a recognised teacher training qualification like the AET. This will offer you the skills to plan and teach courses with confidence and you will need a recognised teaching certificate if you wish to work for colleges or private training schools. Insurers will ask for evidence of teaching skills before granting a teaching extension. The AET is generic, which means that when you have it you can use it to teach any subject you have qualifications in. Most of the work is done online and the teaching practice element can be done in person or using video. If you are already a qualified teacher, then you do not have to take the AET.

The energies and symbols of the Master level are taught during your Master/Teacher training course. There is lots of opportunity to practise using them in healing work and develop your understanding of what they represent. There are several new healing techniques to learn to use and develop at this level, such as the Healing Attunement. Emphasis is placed upon learning to trust your intuition and listen to your higher self.

This level is also about learning to teach Reiki and time is spent on learning how to give attunements and empowerments, and on planning and presenting Reiki classes for Reiki 1 and 2. You will be given plenty of information about where to find teaching resources and I have loads of books and materials for you to browse to give you a flavour of what is out there for you to use in your own teaching. We all develop our own style - I open the door and show you where the path is but you will follow it in your own way.

When you have finished your training you will need to gain insurance which includes a teaching extension. You get your Reiki 3 certificate on completion of your 2 days' training and once your AET is complete you can register online with a teaching extension straight away, so you are ready to start planning your first course.

Duration: One Day

Entry Requirements: Reiki 1 & 2

Crystal Therapy for Reiki Practitioners ~ £175

This is a follow-on course for students who have completed Usui Reiki Level 2, either with our tutor or with another teacher. You may find it useful for CPD or simply to widen and deepen your use of Reiki at this level.

We explore topics such as:

The three crystals Dr Usui used in his treatments

The ways of integrating crystals in Reiki treatments and in your own self-development and self-healing

How to make and use a crystal grid for distance healing

Empowering your goals with crystals and the crystal grid

Using crystal layouts for specific purposes in your Reiki treatments.

We will look at a selection of crystals which work well with the individual chakras, and work with Dr Usui's own three special gemstones. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice using crystals in treatments during the day and you will give and receive feedback on the practical work. This is a practical course to help you integrate the use of crystals into your treatments and Reiki practice. A manual containing the information covered on the course is provided, along with a Certificate.

Reiki 1 (Shoden) Building Confidence Workshop ~£125

This is an optional workshop which follows on from the Reiki 1 Shoden course. It is perfect for students who want to practise self-healing Reiki as well as giving treatments to others. It is a good opportunity to work with techniques such as hatsurei ho, as well as beginning to develop intuitive treatment skills by following the biosen. Students have told us that they would like the chance to discuss their experiences with Reiki so far and we will also look at keeping a Reiki journal or starting a creative project to express your feelings and thoughts about Reiki. The workshops will be scheduled about a month after our Reiki 1 courses, although you may choose to come and do one if you are thinking of progressing to Reiki 2 and it is some time since you did Reiki 1.

The day will cover:

Self-healing (hand positions, visualisation, hatsurei ho)

Treating others (couch and seated treatments)

Using Reiki with animals and plants.

There will be space to reflect on your Reiki practice and think about creative ways of recording your Reiki experience.

Reiki 2 (Okuden) Deepening Workshop ~ £125

This is a follow-on workshop to the Reiki level 2 Okuden course and it is entirely optional. It will be scheduled around one month after our Reiki 2 courses for students who would like to come back to do some further work at this level. It is also a good preparation for Reiki level 3 Shinpiden, especially if some time has gone by since your Reiki 2 Okuden course.

The course will include:

Japanese traditional healing theory (meridians, the Five Elements, and the nature of ki)

Visualisation and meditation

Additional Japanese Reiki techniques such as Ketsueki Kokan and Mawashi

Treating intuitively using biosen

Distance healing techniques for others

Healing the distant self (e.g. past life issues you wish to resolve or moving forward in a difficult situation)

Working with a crystal grid.

To book any of our Reiki courses please email us.