2-Day Lymphatic Drainage Massage Practitioner Diploma Course

1-Day Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course ~ £195

2-Day Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course ~ £350

Installment option available for this package - pay half on booking, and the balance one week before the course date.

Our two-day Lymphatic Drainage Massage course focuses on the use of the therapy for beauty and wellbeing. You can do Day One only to offer LDM Facials or BOTH days to offer Facial and Full Body LDM. This course runs at our Haworth venue.

In order to do either of our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Courses you need to have completed a full body massage course to level 3 or equivalent which included Anatomy & Physiology. Our own Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, and Ayurveda Massage courses are all suitable for this purpose.

Our Lymphatic Drainage courses introduce the massage to holistic therapists and combine theory with routines and techniques to use in a therapy practice or the salon.

Many of our holistic therapy clients have surgery, suffer car accidents, are inactive because of their lifestyles, experience a lot of stress, stand a lot in their jobs or need help with reducing swelling for a variety of other reasons. The majority of clients have subclinical oedema or swelling which responds well to Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and the therapy brings huge well being and beauty benefits.

We offer two days of training. You can take Day One as a stand -alone course, but if you want to do LDM for the full body you need to do BOTH days.

Course Content

Day One

Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Revision of Lymphatic System and its functions

What is Oedema?

Contraindications and benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Principles of LDM and movements used


Products and Equipment Needed

Essential oils which help the lymphatic system

Face and Neck Treatment

Day Two

Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Energetic and mind-body effects of LDM

Using LDM with other treatments – cellulite therapy, sports and deep tissue massage, facials, body-mind work, detoxifying treatments

Products and Equipment Needed

LDM on Upper Extremities and Trunk

LDM on Lower Extremities and Trunk

LDM for Cellulite or Limpedema

Self-massage using LDM techniques (for client’s home use or for treating yourself as the therapist)

Assessment is by written test of the theory covered and full treatments of the face (day one) and the body (day two). A full treatment includes a consultation with the client and selection of suitable products, equipment and massage medium.

Venue: Haworth