4-Course Intensive Facials Pro Diploma Package

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4-Course 4-Day Intensive Facials Pro Diploma Package | £755 all-inclusive - save 10% on individual course fees

Installment option available for this package - pay half on booking, and the balance one week before the course date.

Our Intensive 4-course 4.5-day Facials Pro Diploma Package includes Spa Facial Therapy, Make-up, Eastern Facial Massage and Eyelash Tinting and Brow Shaping , four of the most popular beauty therapy treatments. These four courses are worth a combined cost of £695. Fast-track your way into a lucrative new career as a beauty therapist and save £70 on individual course fees.

Course content: Four of our most popular Beauty and Massage Diploma courses

2-Day Spa Facial Therapy Diploma

1-Day Make-up Diploma

1-Day Eastern Facial Massage Diploma

Half-Day Eyelash Tinting and Brow Shaping Diploma

What's included

Our 2-Day Spa Facial Therapy Diploma Course is the ultimate facial treatments course, suitable for beginners and for trained beauty therapists looking to refresh or extend their skills. This course is two full days of training and includes both the classic skills of the cosmetic facial and luxury spa-style elements to give you the edge over other therapists and salons in your area.

Discover the fabulous art of make-up for any occasion. On our 1-day Make-up Diploma Course you'll learn to use professional techniques for commercial application within the beauty industry. Our Make-up Diploma course curriculum includes day, evening and special occasion make-up as well as techniques for colour correction, shading, highlighting and the use of false eyelashes.

Actually a massage incorporating the neck, face and scalp, our 1-day Eastern Facial Massage Diploma Course was designed by and is exclusive to us. No other company can offer you a diploma in this unique therapy. It uses complementary techniques drawn from both Indian Face Massage and Japanese Face Massage and when properly administered it improves one’s beauty, removes toxins from the face and balances ki, or life force to improve overall health.

On our half-dayEyelash Tinting and Brow Shaping Diploma we will teach you how the client’s face shape should determine the shape of the eyebrow. We will also show you the “Perfect Brow” and how to achieve it using a simple measuring technique. This treatment can also easily be incorporated into other treatments, for example, lashes can be tinted during a manicure or nail treatment, or eyebrows shaped as part of a Facial.

The Intensive Facials Pro Diploma package is arranged personally with your tutor with dates and times convenient for you both - please call or email to discuss in more detail.

Duration: 4.5 days

Price: £625 all-inclusive - save 10% on stand-alone fees

Entry requirements: Interest in beauty therapy

Accreditation: The Beauty Guild

Venue: Haworth